Telangana Gig and Platform Workers Union

Response to Zomato’s updates on its “Pure Veg Fleet”

March 20, 2024: We welcome the Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal Ji’s decision to remove the different colour code for its newly launched “Pure Veg Fleet”, which takes into account safety concerns for delivery workers. However, the fundamental question raised by our union TGPWU remains unaddressed: Will Zomato in the future also take customer feedback about who can deliver their food and who cannot? What if a customer does not want to accept food from a delivery worker who eats non-vegetarian food? What if the delivery worker in question is from a marginalised caste, community, or religion?

We appreciate Deepinder Ji’s timely responsiveness on this issue. We ask him to continue to prioritise the safety and dignity of Zomato’s delivery workers. We further demand that in the future Zomato should consult delivery workers and their unions before implementing any new measures. Please do not play with the precious lives of delivery workers who are the backbone of Zomato and whose sweat and toil runs the platform.

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