Telangana Gig and Platform Workers Union

The detailed objectives of the Union, as stated in its Constitution are as follows:

  1. To organize and collectivize the gig, platform and informal workers employed/self-employed in the formal and informal transport and delivery sectors and help them secure fair, just and reasonable conditions of work and life and to promote their well-being by all peaceful, legitimate and constitutional methods.
  2. To secure and protect the rights of members and safeguard their interest by all lawful means.
  3. To work towards formalizing the informal sector transport and delivery workers.
  4. To improve the living and working condition of members in line with the International Labour Organization’s ‘decent work agenda’ to raise their standard of social, political and economic life.
  5. To work towards solving issues of livelihood Security / Social Security / Occupational health and to advocate for better laws, policies and programs for the gig, platform and informal workers.
  6. To co-operate and federate with any organization of labour having national as well as international standing, having kindred aims and objectives.
  7. To assist any progressive organization whose objective is the betterment of the lives of the workers.
  8. To regulate relation between the members and their employers.
  9. To foster spirit of unity, brotherhood and self-help among members.
  10. To work towards elimination of worst forms of labour such as child labour, bonded labour, forced labour across the formal and informal economy.
  11. To establish and maintain funds by means of membership subscriptions, grants, aids, contributions, donations and loans.
  12. To organize benefit funds, education and amusement schemes and other forms of social amenities for members.
  13. To help members in case of non-employment, sickness and accident and also their families in case of death of the member.
  14. To render legal assistance to members in respect of matters arising out of or incidental to their work.
  15. To purchase, take on lease, exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any rights and privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the union and to construct, alter and maintain buildings required for the purpose of the Union and to sell, improve, manage, develop, lease, mortgage, dispose of turn into account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Union.
  16. To establish better understanding between the members and employers in any form such as contractor, sub-contractors, state, state undertaking companies, public sector companies, vendors, aggregators, partners and any other such form.
  17. To promote the growth of general knowledge among the members and to create and spread healthy public opinion amongst the members.
  18. To organize the resources of the members with a view to carry out any or all of the above objects.
  19. To promote the right to universal social protection including the rights to a living wage, housing and land, education, healthcare and maternity benefits, employment, old age benefits (pension guarantee), sanitation, water, care work (crèches), in line with International Labour Organization Convention 102 which deals with comprehensive question of social security.
  20. To protect the workers from any kind of social, legal, political, economic and civic exclusion and discrimination including on the basis of caste, colour, gender, age, sex, religion, linguistic, region, and any other discrimination, as enshrined in the Constitution of India.
  21. To protect and safeguard rights of all the gig and platform workers as citizens including but not limited to migrant workers, immigrants, and any other person(s) who directly or indirectly contributes to the economy but is not included in the legal definition of a worker, labourer or employee.