Telangana Gig and Platform Workers Union

  • #MakeAmazonPay, campaign to increase delivery commissions, provide vaccinations for frontline delivery workers, and protect workers rights to organize and bargain collectively. Read the full letter sent to Amazon India here.
  • Campaign against the harassment of delivery agents during the second-wave lockdown in Hyderabad. The operation of delivery and logistics platforms during the lockdown led to wide-scale harassment of workers by law enforcement. Read the press release here and the full letter to the Government of Telangana here.
  • #Driverlifematters, campaign for improved terms of employment with Ola and Uber. Already reeling under rising fuel prices, the second wave of COVID – 19 had an adverse impact on the livelihoods of taxi drivers in Telangana. Read the full letter sent to Ola and Uber here.
  • Campaign for the priority vaccination of essential platform and gig-workers. Platform and gig workers play a critical role in ensuring smooth operations during the lockdown, and must be vaccinated as a priority. Read the full letter sent to the Government of India and Government of Telangana here.